pH hydration

February! It’s already the second month of 2019. Time keeps on tick’n. Well now, Talking H2O keeps on growing. You now can have your very own custom label bottled water with a pH of 7.2 – 7.4 natural spring water. That’s right. Custom label with a twist. Call us for more details. 866-222-6355

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16.9oz Bullet Double Sided Clear Label

Check this out! We can do a Bullet bottle with a double-sided clear label that allows you to see through the bottle to an image on the inside of the bottle. If you are looking for label design that will not only look great but is affordable, give Talking H2O a call.

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We used hundreds of thousands of PET bottles every year. We do our best to source materials that have been recycled and reused. That being said we are big supporters of recycling. Keeping our Oceans and rivers clean and from trash including plastics is vital.

So always dispose of your bottled water in an appropriate way. Please recycle.

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Different Types of Bottled Water

We are often asked what the differences are between the various bottled waters. So I decided to explain it here.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established a Standard Of Identity that defines the different types of bottled water based on specific product characteristics. Bottled-water products meeting the Standard Of Identity may be labeled as bottled water or drinking water, or one or more of the following terms:

Artesian Water/Artesian Well Water – Ground water from a well that taps a confined aquifer (a water-bearing underground layer of rock or sand) in which the water level stands at some height above the top of the aquifer.

Well Water – Ground water from a hole bored, drilled or otherwise constructed in the ground, which taps the water aquifer.

Spring Water – Bottled water from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. Spring water must be collected only at the spring or through a borehole tapping the underground formation feeding the spring. Spring water collected with the use of an external force must be from the same underground stratum as the spring and must have all the physical properties before treatment, and be of the same composition and quality as the water that flows naturally to the surface of the earth.

Mineral Water – Ground water that naturally contains not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (tds). No minerals can be added to this product. Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source.

Sparkling Bottled Water – Water that after treatment, and possible replacement with carbon dioxide, contains the same amount of carbon dioxide that it had as it emerged from the source. Sparkling bottled waters may be labeled as “sparkling drinking water,” “sparkling mineral water,” “sparkling spring water,” etc.

Purified Water – Water that originates from any source but has been treated by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable processes to meet the U.S. Pharmacopeia definition of purified water. It is essentially free of all chemicals (it must not contain more than 10 parts per million of total dissolved solids), and may also be free of microbes if treated by distillation or reverse osmosis. Purified water may alternately be labeled according to how it is treated: distilled water, deionized water, reverse osmosis water. Alternatively, “___ drinking water” can be used with the blank being filled in with one of the terms defined in this paragraph (e.g., “purified drinking water” or “distilled drinking water”).

Carbonated water, soda water, seltzer water, sparkling water and tonic water are considered soft drinks and are not regulated as bottled w

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Using Custom Label Water to help grow your business!

How is your business or organization capturing new customers? Are you using Facebook or Twitter to grab their attention and then market directly to them?  Well, if you not, then you are missing out a very medium that will allow you to market your products or services directly to them.

Custom label bottled wateris a cost effective platform that also allows you to Market

directly to your customers.  You can set your brand apart by designing a sharp looking label that is memorable by all who see it. Basically, your bottled water is now a mobile ad going where ever your customer takes it.  But that’s not all.  With the use of QR Codes that bottled of water is now long just a mobile billboard but has not turned into a mobile media platform that can be used to direct that prospect your Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page or any other site for that matter. Once there, you have them. Give them a reason to follow you and now you can market directly to them at any time of the day for fee.

Now that your business has it’s own Personalized Bottled Water you may be wondering how can I use it. Well, hand it out to all your guests. It not only looks good but reinforces your brand, not to mention there is a mystique to having your own branded bottled water. Most people don’t realize just how easy and affordable it is. You can use it in off-site marketing opportunities like handing it out at little league soccer or baseball games, you can donate to the local high school to be sold in the concessions and you can give it to those who refer you business.

Talking H2O is your source for personalized bottled water and custom labels.  We are located in Dallas, TX as well as Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, California and New York.  Please call or email to learn more.  (899) 222-6355

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Using Custom Label Water to raise money for your High School Booster Club

Pride, all high school athletic booster clubs have it. If you go to any high school football game on a Friday night anywhere in the country, you are going to see fans wearing their Team’s colors, waving the Team’s flag, while shaking the Team’s Pom-Pons. With Talking H2O, you can now drink your Team’s own private label water. Bottled water is the universal beverage for all. In this new world of banning super-sized soft drinks, bottled water is becoming the drink of choice for all ages.

What better way to show pride in your team then by drinking your Team’s custom label bottled water? It’s a great fundraiser because everyone drinks water, not all of us like the cookies or popcorn that are currently being used by many groups.

How cool would it be to sell your Team’s water at the concessions stands? Think of all the water you will sell when the Team’s schedule is printed on the label? What about having a special private label celebrating Home Coming? You can even sell it by the case. Talking H2O can do it for.

Now here is the secret, I am going to share with you on how you can get your custom label bottled water for free. All high schools are supported by local business; they buy advertising on football schedule posters (we do that) and space in the programs, now you can sell space on the label. We use full labels that provide plenty of space for a few local businesses to co-sponsor the label. What they pay will off-set the cost of the water. We can design their logos into the label. They will be advertising their businesses to the local community while showing their support for the home team. It is Win – Win for all.

Give us a call or email for more information. (866) 222-6355. You can also visit our site at

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Custom Label Bottled Water

As a customer or potential user of customer label bottled water, what is important to you? Quality of water? Quality of labels? Quality of bottles? Price? Customer service? What?

If you ask us, all of the above is important. We are not perfect but we do our best to be the best. We know we have some of the best water and even better labels that most other suppliers but we know we offer some for the best customer services in the country. We treat each customer and each order as if you are our only customer. Over the past 18 years, we have missed a delivery date less than 5 times. We promise to be open and honest with each and every person who chooses Talking H2O.

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