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Are you looking for a different idea? Something that really pops? Then you might want to consider the 16.9oz Bullet Bottle with a clear label. This is a great looking product that will definitely turn heads. The cost is slightly more than the standard half liter however this bottle will “hang around” longer guaranteeing that more people will see your label. And this is the reason to do custom label bottled water, to promote your business, school, or event. This is available in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, and up the coast.  Visit our site for more details.
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Our Water Talks

Here in Texas the temperatures can rise into the triple digits. Drinking enough water can be challenging on these hot days. Many companies including: Car Dealers, banks, real estate agents, clothing companies and everyone else, provide bottled water to their clients. In many cases, this water is bought from the grocery store with someone else’s label on it.

What a waste!! You are giving away a bottled of water and when your client or future prospect walks out of the store they completely forget where they got the bottle from.

Grubb bottle pic

How much better would it be for that bottle of water to have your company name on it?  This is our 12oz with a clear label. As you can see this is a full wrap, synthetic label that looks great. The black cap is an upgrade from the standard clear cap, but it sure looks good.

Give us a call or email with your questions and comments.

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Why Talking H2O

If you search the web for Custom Label Bottled Water, pages containing supplier and bottlers will come up. How do does pick and choose the right partner? The first few names are usually the companies that are paying to advertise, the others are those that show up organically. First of all, there is no reason to pay over $.50 a bottle for a pallet of 72 16.9oz bottles. So if you find a supplier and they are charging $.50 or more for 1,728 bottles, keep looking. In fact, look at Talking H2O.

Label design – Many companies charge by the hour to design your label. This can get a little expensive, especially when you are starting from scratch with the design. We charge a flat fee and will keep working on your label until you are happy.

Location – Where your supplier is located is very important. If your supplier is in Florida and you need your order to be shipped to Oklahoma, the freight cost could be as much as your water. Talking H2O utilizes production facilities through out the country.  This allows us to produce and ship from a facility that is closest to our customers thus reducing the freight cost and time to delivery.

The most important thing to consider is reliability. This is a hard one to qualify. I think communication is the best way to measure this. How quickly did the company respond to your call or email, did they follow up? How much communication is there before and after your order has shipped?

Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa Florida, Jacksonville, Orlando, Destin, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Virginia, Washington DC, Seattle, Oregon, Maryland, New YorkHomebuilders_small

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Custom Label Water for Apartment Complexes

If you are property manager of an apartment complex what do you do so create brand awareness for those prospective renters who tour your property? Lets face it, apartments are everywhere, especially in the bigger cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and Birmingham.  What about supplying your walk-in with a bottle of water with the logo and or a cool picture of your property?  The 16.9oz is the perfect size, not too big, not to small. In fact, that potential renter will probably put that bottle somewhere in their car and will see it every time they get in and out of their car.  If you are currently utilizing custom label bottled water in your marketing plan and would like a quote, please feel free to call.

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How Much should your label Design Cost?

For those of you who have purchased custom label bottled water before, I ask how much you were charged for the designing of your label?  I know there are some suppliers out there who charge by the hour. At Talking H2O, we do our best to keep this amount to a minimum. We charge a flat rate of $35 for most labels. When I say most, about 98% of the labels we design can be done for this amount.

We do not view this aspect of our business as a profit center, but rather a service to help our customers achieve the best label possible. A design that fills the need of what they are trying to accomplish with Custom Label Bottled Water.

That being said, when you are thinking about the design, try to be as creative as possible.  Logo Bottled Water provides a unique platform for you to put your brand directly into the hand of your prospect or current client.

I like to tell our customers that its a black canvas and only their imagination can hold them back.

Have a great week.

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Happy Birthday Water

Depending on your location, we can offer as few as 4 cases (100 bottles) of custom and personalized bottled water. We use the same top quality labels as well. We just produced this Happy Birthday Water which was for only four cases.  This is the 16.9 oz bottle. This is a synthetic label that is full wrap, full color. The difference between this synthetic label and other is that is a polypropylene material which is 100% water proof. Other labels are made of paper or paper with a laminate over lay. These types of labels will eventually  peel off if the bottle is subjected moisture or submerged in water for a period of time. Call or visit our web site for more information.

Birthday Water black label

We have bottling facilities in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, Phoenix and Oregon serving all parts in between.

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Clear double sided label

Clear, doubled sided label

I realize it might be difficult to see, but this is a clear, doubled-sided label with a picture on the inside of the bottled. It was difficult capturing this with a standard camera. None the less, if you are looking for something different, and a really cool looking label we can help. This is a synthetic, permanent adhesive label that is water proof and allows for full color images. Low minimums, 500 bottles.  Available in most markets.

Contact us for more information.

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