Will Personalized, Custom Label Bottled Water Benefit your Business or Organization

How is your business or organization capturing new customers? Are you using Facebook or Twitter to grab their attention and then market directly to them?  Well, if you not, then you are missing out a very medium that will allow you to market your products or services directly to them.

Custom label bottled wateris a cost effective platform that also allows you to Market

Custom label bottled water with a personalized label

ref=”https://talkingh2o.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/setco-bottle1.jpg”> SECTO, in Destin, FL, included a QR code into a new designed label. This links back a specific page on their site so they can quantify the response.[/ca

directly to your customers.  You can set your brand apart by designing a sharp looking label that is memorable by all who see it. Basically, your bottled water is now a mobile ad going where ever your customer takes it.  But that’s not all.  With the use of QR Codes that bottled of water is now long just a mobile billboard but has not turned into a mobile media platform that can be used to direct that prospect your Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page or any other site for that matter. Once there, you have them. Give them a reason to follow you and now you can market directly to them at any time of the day for fee.

Now that your business has it’s own Personalized Bottled Water you may be wondering how can I use it. Well, hand it out to all your guests. It not only looks good but reinforces your brand, not to mention there is a mystique to having your own branded bottled water. Most people don’t realize just how easy and affordable it is. You can use it in off-site marketing opportunities like handing it out at little league soccer or baseball games, you can donate to the local high school to be sold in the concessions and you can give it to those who refer you business.

Talking H2O is your source for personalized bottled water and custom labels.  We are located in Dallas, TX as well as Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, California and New York.  Please call or email to learn more.  sales@talkingh2o.com  (899) 222-6355

About Talking H2O, Inc

I am the founder of Talking H2O, a bottled water company that specializes in custom label bottled water. My experiences also include the financial markets, commercial real estate, and private equity. I am new to blogging, so your patience is appreciated. Have a great day and thanks for reading.
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1 Response to Will Personalized, Custom Label Bottled Water Benefit your Business or Organization

  1. Thanks for the interesting read about custom labeled water bottles. It’s good to know that you can potentially use it like a mobile ad and let it go wherever a customer takes it. It could be cool to learn how far these water bottles go and where they end up.

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