Wedding Water

“I am getting married!!”  “Congratulations” is probably first thing that goes through your mind and  if you are the daughter’s parent the second thing is “What is this going to cost me??!!” Well, according to Cost of Wedding .com the average cost to a Wedding in the United State’s is $25,200. An event of this magnitude, you sure would like for everyone to remember it like it was yesterday. One way to do this is to have your own Wedding Water. How great would it be to have a special, personalized label designed for your magical day?

We can do it! Talking H2O will work with you in designing that special label just for your special day. We can include pictures and even can match your colors. If you can think it, we most likely can design it. That being said, we do carry a number of pre-designed templates for you to choose from.

Your next question might be “Just how much does custom labels for my wedding water going to cost?” Not as much as you might think.  $.85 per bottle is all. Included in this is a full color, full wrap label on either a 12oz or 16.9oz bottle of refreshing water.

For most orders, we need approximately 15 business days from the time you have finalized the design of your label.

My Wedding Water

Custom Labels for Bottled Water, Wedding Water



About Talking H2O, Inc

I am the founder of Talking H2O, a bottled water company that specializes in custom label bottled water. My experiences also include the financial markets, commercial real estate, and private equity. I am new to blogging, so your patience is appreciated. Have a great day and thanks for reading.
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