Using Custom Label Water to raise money for your High School Booster Club

Pride, all high school athletic booster clubs have it. If you go to any high school football game on a Friday night anywhere in the country, you are going to see fans wearing their Team’s colors, waving the Team’s flag, while shaking the Team’s Pom-Pons. With Talking H2O, you can now drink your Team’s own private label water. Bottled water is the universal beverage for all. In this new world of banning super-sized soft drinks, bottled water is becoming the drink of choice for all ages.

What better way to show pride in your team then by drinking your Team’s custom label bottled water? It’s a great fundraiser because everyone drinks water, not all of us like the cookies or popcorn that are currently being used by many groups.

How cool would it be to sell your Team’s water at the concessions stands? Think of all the water you will sell when the Team’s schedule is printed on the label? What about having a special private label celebrating Home Coming? You can even sell it by the case. Talking H2O can do it for.

Now here is the secret, I am going to share with you on how you can get your custom label bottled water for free. All high schools are supported by local business; they buy advertising on football schedule posters (we do that) and space in the programs, now you can sell space on the label. We use full labels that provide plenty of space for a few local businesses to co-sponsor the label. What they pay will off-set the cost of the water. We can design their logos into the label. They will be advertising their businesses to the local community while showing their support for the home team. It is Win – Win for all.

Give us a call or email for more information. (866) 222-6355. You can also visit our site at

About Talking H2O, Inc

Talking H2O is a national supplier of Custom Label Bottled Water. We have over 20 years of experience working with both large and small organizations shipping logo bottled water throughout North America. Let our water talk for you!
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