Custom Label Water in Georgia

Talking H2O has been providing custom label bottled water throughout the state of Georgia for over 17 years. With a production facility near Atlanta, we can quickly & affordably delivery custom water bottles to Atlanta, Augusta, Marietta, Athens and every city in between. From here, we also delivery custom water bottles to Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

When you think of logo bottles water, think of Talking H2O, Let our water talk for you!

16.9oz Bullet Bottle
16.9oz Bullet Bottled

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Talking H2O Florida

Talking H2O was found in Destin, FL back in 2000. We have produced and delivered custom label bottled water for golf courses, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, auto dealerships, marine harbors, real estate companies and everyone in between

With a production facility located near Tampa, we can quickly & affordably deliver custom water bottles to the following cities Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami, South Beach, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Destin, 30A, Pensacola and everywhere in between.

When you think of logo bottled water, think of Talking H2O.

Let Our Water Talk for You!

Custom Water Bottles
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Our Water Talks for You!!

As the world begins to open up, its time to reengage your clients and find new one’s!

Why Custom Label Bottled Water

  • High Segmentation & Targeting – You can reach your specific audience segments with personalized messages
  • Increase Sales with Promotions – Call to Action – You can design coupons, QR Code or promote special events into your label design.
  • Engagement & Reegagement with Clients – Direct communication with current clients and get back in front of old clients. Where ever the bottle goes,  you go too, with Talking H2O
  • Co-promote – lower your cost by partnering with a business partner. Real Estate Agent and Title & Escrow Company.

No Setup & Design Fees

Full Color & Clear Labels

Full Wrap & Water Proof

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New Year 2022

Over the years, I have come to realize that there are three factors that drive the purchasing decisions for Custom Label Bottled Water. The first is quality. If you are going to use a bottle of water to help market and brand your business then it needs to look great and the materials need to be of great quality. Talking H2O uses synthetic labels which are 100% water proof. Some labels are paper or paper with a laminate over lay. As you can imagine, a paper label can easily tear of bottle leaving your company logo on the floor or in the trash. Paper with a laminate over is a step up in quality but if this bottle is left in an ice bath for any amount of time, the label will peal off leave a white background. The synthetic labels we use will adhere to the bottle all day long in an ice bath and the colors will not fade.

The second factor is price. Of course, you get what you pay for, but Talking H2O does what it can to keep prices low. Inflation is hitting all aspects of our business, but moving into 2020, we are doing what we can to keep pricing in check. In many cases, we have not had to raise prices, instead we are reducing our margins. Some if better than none.

Finally, custom service. Talking H2O is has always focused on delivery A+ customer services. We treat each customer as our only customer and make ourselves available almost 24/7. If you are thinking about custom label bottled water, please contact us! 866-222-6355 or sales@talkingh2o TalkingH2O

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21 Years in Business

Talking H2O was founded in the panhandle of Florida in 2020 with the idea of providing businesses of all sizes the ability to market their business on a bottle of water.

Since then we have continued to grow by doing business the way we would to be treated. We value each client as if they are our only one.

We offer a superior product at a fair price but our personalized service is what sets us apart from others. Big or small we would love to work with you.

Call or email us.

16.9oz Bullet & Standard Bottles

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These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Water! everyone is drinking it. It the fountain of youth. During some of my longer bike rides, we always make the joke that at that time, our water has never tasted so good. We all need it, we all want it.

Bottle Water is consumed by everyone. What Talking H2O offer is a low cost, high impact medium to deliver your message straight to your target audience. We use high quality materials that will make your organization or business look great.

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Custom Label Water to raise money for your school or Organization

Pride, all high school athletic booster clubs have it. If you go to any high school football game on a Friday night anywhere in the country, you are going to see fans wearing their Team’s colors, waving the Team’s flag, while shaking the Team’s Pom-Pons. With Talking H2O, you can now drink your Team’s own private label water. Bottled water is the universal beverage for all. In this new world of banning super-sized soft drinks, bottled water is becoming the drink of choice for all ages.

What better way to show pride in your team then by drinking your Team’s custom label bottled water? It’s a great fundraiser because everyone drinks water, not all of us like the cookies or popcorn that are currently being used by many groups.

How cool would it be to sell your Team’s water at the concessions stands? Think of all the water you will sell when the Team’s schedule is printed on the label? What about having a special private label celebrating Home Coming? You can even sell it by the case. Talking H2O can do it for.

Now here is the secret, I am going to share with you on how you can get your custom label bottled water for free. All high schools are supported by local business; they buy advertising on football schedule posters (we do that) and space in the programs, now you can sell space on the label. We use full labels that provide plenty of space for a few local businesses to co-sponsor the label. What they pay will off-set the cost of the water. We can design their logos into the label. They will be advertising their businesses to the local community while showing their support for the home team. It is Win – Win for all.

Give us a call or email for more information. (866) 222-6355. You can also visit our site at

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pH hydration

February! It’s already the second month of 2019. Time keeps on tick’n. Well now, Talking H2O keeps on growing. You now can have your very own custom label bottled water with a pH of 7.2 – 7.4 natural spring water. That’s right. Custom label with a twist. Call us for more details. 866-222-6355

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16.9oz Bullet Double Sided Clear Label

Check this out! We can do a Bullet bottle with a double-sided clear label that allows you to see through the bottle to an image on the inside of the bottle. If you are looking for label design that will not only look great but is affordable, give Talking H2O a call.

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We used hundreds of thousands of PET bottles every year. We do our best to source materials that have been recycled and reused. That being said we are big supporters of recycling. Keeping our Oceans and rivers clean and from trash including plastics is vital.

So always dispose of your bottled water in an appropriate way. Please recycle.

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